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AL-Saha for Electrical Systems designs assembles and builds top quality, long life electrical systems (switchgear panel board, Motor control Center, automation Systems, telemetry and SCADA systems, custom Control panels to the highest standard of customer expectations. Quality workmanship and pride go into every SES System.

our company


Quality workmanship, timely delivery, competitive pricing and responsive, friendly service are the cornerstones of SES business.

A well-established organization, we have flourished into a dynamic and prosperous engineering enterprise; enjoying an enviable reputation of working to high engineering standards and to a level of quality that is second to none.

Well known for designing, manufacturing and installing control and distribution panels, and automation and telemetry systems for a wide range of applications, we offer a truly personal and professional service to our clients.

our vision

Effective implementation of Electrical systems is crucial if, as a society, we are to succeed in meeting the electrical system requirements of the new millennium, recognizing this imperative, SES has made the electrical systems market its sole focus since establishing the company has defined its vision and mission statements to reflect this focus.

Utility restructure, technological advances, and an expanding demand for clean, reliable systems are providing the impetus for sweeping change.

our mission


With our dynamic, customer-orientated and professional attitude we carry the commitment of bringing engineering excellence to all aspects of our organization which ensures that SES remain a commanding force within the electrical systems.

Through a philosophy of continuous improvement, staff training and environmental awareness, we will continue to strive towards both meeting and exceeding our business goals, all the while providing our customers with the peace of mind that comes from dealing with an organization whose reputation precedes them as being:

“Quality driven, Customer focused”

our challenges


Building or upgrading production facilities requires control systems and electrical products that are innovative, dependable, and delivered on time.
To maintain state-of-the- art capabilities, SES continually upgrade equipment and manufacturing techniques to better serve client needs. Personal attention to every detail of each project is the key to SES success.

SES is fully equipped and staffed to design, build, program, and commission virtually any industrial control application. SES is your one-stop source for controls, with in-house engineering, drafting, assembly, testing, and field start-up services.

The core of our business philosophy is to offer the highest level of quality products combined with unsurpassed customer service. SES commitment to state-of-the-art technology enables our customers to transform their businesses into modern, efficient, and more profitable operations by increasing production capabilities and furnishing factory floor feedback to provide essential data for production tracking.

The electrical Systems business is not standing still, and neither are we. The world requires reliable electrical Systems, and we supply it upon demand. This urgency keeps us focused on meeting customer needs, and being quick to adapt or design SES systems to particular requirements in rapidly changing markets. SES engineering is around the clock effort that brings the best minds to every challenge, and speeds the development of new innovations. SES uses worldwide component sources and its own engineering expertise to build and customize its products to individual customer requirements.

We know from experience that looking ahead is important in the electrical systems business. That is why we have invested heavily in designing capabilities, giving us capacity to meet growing demand.

Leadership, innovation and outstanding service result from a personal commitment to serve the needs of a wide variety of customers. SES’s team of talented, flexible and skilled employees is committed to producing electrical systems that are second- to-none.

our standards
quality & safety
revison tracking

Only top quality components are utilized in our control system designs. All parts are subjected to rigid testing and inspection standards. Inspection check-off is required prior to testing. Components incorporated in our control panels are readily available from local distributors in most areas. We are committed to our quality control system, and SES adheres to an array of strict company policies relating to quality, health & safety and to the environment.

Prior to shipment, each control system is tested against the system specifications to assure adherence to the requirements. Each condition is pre-set and every function for that condition is evaluated to test for compliance, and we insure stringent checks from the initial stages to final stages of production process, and we also consider time management so that our product can be delivered to our customers within the committed time frame, we entrust the mandatory procedure of planning, directing, implementing and controlling at every production stage, in order to stay in accordance with the global standers and the fast growing competitive word.

A file is maintained on equipment installed in all control systems for future reference of replaceable parts. Each control system can be traced by serial number, job name or the reference drawing of the control system.

our team
Aseel Mohammad
Automation programing Engineer
Mohammad Al Hamshari
Automation and Control System Manager
Derar Ghoneim
Engineering Manger