Elementor #2903

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Harmonic Filter Panels

Equipment such as drives, inverters, UPS, arc furnaces, transformers, filters and discharge lamps – in general known as non-linear loads – generate current and voltage harmonics into the grid network. Generated harmonics can lead to: Harmonics effects can be reduced using passive harmonic filters, or completely canceled/eliminated using active harmonic filters Passive Harmonic Filters: A […]

PV Systems

AC Coupling Boards AC coupling boards are electrical panels where generated AC power of PV plant inverters is connected to existing utility grid/load in on-grid PV systems. According to IEC standards and local electrical company requirements, AC coupling board contains the following which differs from all other electrical panels: AC Combiner Boxes The AC Combiner […]

Distribution Board

Al Saha manufacture Main and Sub-main distribution boards with rating up to and including 6300A in varying forms of separation from Form 2 to Form 4 type 7, both fixed and fully withdrawable, LV distribution boards are available up to and including 6300A. The main LV boards incorporate air circuit breakers and bus couplers, molded […]

Energy Managment System

Though our strategic partner, Entes co., Al Saha Soultion offers comprehensive, Stategic energy management services to organizations and institutions of all sizes. Our strategic energy management and procurement services help clients design, install and manage energy efficiency projects. We help clients who wish to gain control of energy expenses, manage market risk, and reduce their […]

Automation Telemetry & Scada Systems

Irrespective of the industry in which you are involved whether it may be water treatment, quiring or even factory automation we have the solution to your process control needs. Al Saha is a company witch has rxtensive experience in supervisory control and data acquisition of information system. The company designs, develops and Assemble a range […]

Power Factor Correction Panel (PFP)

Two range of the Power Factor Correction System are available: conventional capacitor bank system and solid-state capacitor system. Conventional capacitor bank system employing an advance microprocessor controller, the system power factor is corrected through the switching of capacitor banks in steps via electromechanically contactors. Depending on system requirement and an option, detuned reactors are available […]

Motor Control Center (MCC)

Our motor control center features a multi-cubicle design and each MCC is tailormade to the customer’s specific requirements. Individual compartments of varying heights depending upon the equipment installed are designed to be of either fixed or withdrawable pattern, intelligent if required, with front or rear cable access, up to and including Form 4 Type 7. […]

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

Our ATS, Synchronization and Load Sharing Panels are reliable, rugged, versatile and compact assemblies with ratings up to and including 6300A ATS panels are often installed with a backup generator; provide a convenient way to maintain power during a power outage. SYNCHRONIZING AND LOAD SHARING PANEL Synchronizing Panels are designed to make several power sources […]