Distribution Board

Al Saha manufacture Main and Sub-main distribution boards with rating up to and including 6300A in varying forms of separation from Form 2 to Form 4 type 7, both fixed and fully withdrawable, LV distribution boards are available up to and including 6300A.

The main LV boards incorporate air circuit breakers and bus couplers, molded case circuit breakers, fuse switches and, if required, mechanical and electrical interlocking on incomers.

Metering is available with BMS interfacing where appropriates.

Boards are designed to suit various fault level and cabling requirements, with front or rear cable access, top or bottom cable entry and specialist copper work to accommodate incoming and outgoing main correction.


Composite sub distribution boards consisting of combination of fuse switches, molded case or miniature circuit breaker boards coupled together to form a composite panel.

Again, metering is available if required. Composite sub boards can be manufactured to suit either wall or floor mounting.

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