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Automation, Telemetry and SCADA Systems

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automation, telemetry & scada systems

Irrespective of the industry in witch you are involved whether it may be water treatment, quarring or even factory automation we have the solution to your process control needs.

Al Saha is a company witch has rxtensive experience in supervisory control and data acquisition of information system. The company designs, develops and Assemble a range of industrial control systems with compuer hardware and SCADA software aimed at providing solution for:

  • Process control and monitoring,

  • Control and factory automation

In combination with the systems above we provide complete plant turnkey solution. We are well-established provider of automation solution based on programmable logic technology. From initial enquiry we can offer an in-house engineered solution to the client’s specificatio or particular requirements.

scada systems

Our team of experienced and accomplished engineers oprerates at the leading edge of PLC technology implementing the latest innovations and selecting the most appropriate PLC implementing the latest innovations and selecting the most appropriate PLC platform to suit the application.

From a stand-alone PLC control system to the latest networked systems we offer HMI or computer access to plant control and monitoring. The system may be expanded to incorporate the following technologies:

  • Ethernet or PLC propriety network,

  • Leased Line-modulation demodulation modems,

  • Remote I/O’s

  • Remote access by GPRS, GSM, GPS modem,

  • Remote access by internet.