Motor Control Center (MCC)

Our motor control center features a multi-cubicle design and each MCC is tailormade to the customer’s specific requirements. Individual compartments of varying heights depending upon the equipment installed are designed to be of either fixed or withdrawable pattern, intelligent if required, with front or rear cable access, up to and including Form 4 Type 7.

From a Modular Form 4 PLC Controlled Motor Control Center to a single door cabinet, each and every stage of the production process is carefully, monitored by our engineering manager, who operate within the boundaries of our quality management system to ensure that every project is completed within the time frame agreed with the client.


Our course we recognize that that no project is finished until every last detail is complete and is in full working order.

This is why all our products go through a rigorous commissioning process.

This is the ultimate guarantee ensuring that you, the client, receive the highest quality service.

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