Power Factor Correction Panel (PFP)

Two range of the Power Factor Correction System are available: conventional capacitor bank system and solid-state capacitor system.

Conventional capacitor bank system employing an advance microprocessor controller, the system power factor is corrected through the switching of capacitor banks in steps via electromechanically contactors.

Depending on system requirement and an option, detuned reactors are available to absorb harmful harmonics.

In applications of large and rapid variation in loads conditions, the solid-state capacitor bank system is the absolute solution. It is a real time capacitor unit.

Employing an intelligent solid state switching element that connects the capacitor groups to the network during the capacitors zero current crossing, the transient effects normally created in conventional systems is avoided.

Its ability to compensate any variation in reactive power within one cycle (20ms) of the network frequency and the unlimited switching capability results in improved power quality and system capacity.

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