Distribution Boards

Understanding the Functionality
of Electrical Distribution Boards

The electrical distribution board, also referred to as a breaker panel or fuse box, plays a pivotal role in electrical systems by serving as a central hub for the distribution of electricity from the primary power source to various circuits within a building or structure.

Typically situated in utility areas or basements, it houses circuit breakers or fuses that manage and safeguard individual circuits against overloads or short circuits.

Additionally, the distribution board accommodates switches or residual-current devices (RCDs) designed for safety, capable of identifying and interrupting faulty currents to avert potential electrical hazards like fires or shocks.

Through its meticulously organized layout of connections and protective mechanisms, the electrical distribution board ensures the efficient and secure transmission of electricity to appliances, lighting, and other electrical equipment throughout the premises.

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Advanced LV Distribution Boards
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Al Saha manufactures Main and Sub-main distribution boards with ratings up to and including 6300A, featuring diverse forms of separation ranging from Form 2 to Form 4 type 7.

These boards are available in both fixed and fully withdrawable configurations. LV distribution boards, also capable of handling up to 6300A, incorporate air circuit breakers, bus couplers, molded case circuit breakers, and fuse switches.

Additionally, mechanical and electrical interlocking on incomers can be included as per requirements. Metering options are available with BMS interfacing where appropriate. 

The design of these boards is adaptable to various fault levels and cabling needs, offering options for front or rear cable access, top or bottom cable entry, and specialized copper work for incoming and outgoing main connections.

Composite sub-distribution boards combine fuse switches, molded case, or miniature circuit breaker boards into composite panels, with metering available if needed. These composite sub-boards can be tailored for either wall or floor mounting.

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