PV Systems

Enhancing Renewable Energy Integration
Electrical Panels for Solar Power Generation

Electrical panels for PV production are essential components in harnessing solar energy efficiently.

These panels serve as the nerve center of photovoltaic (PV) systems, managing the flow of electricity generated by solar panels.

By integrating various components such as inverters, combiner boxes, and monitoring systems, these panels ensure seamless operation and optimal performance of solar power generation.

They play a crucial role in controlling the distribution of power, regulating voltage levels, and protecting the system from overloads or faults.

Additionally, electrical panels facilitate connectivity to the grid, enabling the transfer of surplus energy and promoting the integration of renewable sources into the existing electrical infrastructure.

Overall, these panels are instrumental in maximizing the output of solar energy systems while maintaining reliability and safety standards.

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Enhancing PV Plant Efficiency
With Monitoring and Control Systems

AC Coupling Boards

AC coupling boards are electrical panels where generated AC power of PV plant inverters is connected to existing utility grid/load in on-grid PV systems. According to IEC standards and local electrical company requirements, AC coupling board contains the following which differs from all other electrical panels:
  • Mains (utility) decoupling relay used to detect mains (utility) failure when in parallel with PV system supply. Designed to comply with several world standards mainly G59/3.
  • Motorized main circuit breaker, controlled by mains decoupling relay for disconnecting and connecting PV system to grid depending on presetting programmable protection functions.

AC Combiner Boxes

The AC Combiner Box combines AC branch circuits. In PV system, combiner boxes collects energy generated by distributed inverters into one output branch. Solar combiner boxes are manufactured to provide overcurrent and short circuit protection to enhance inverter protection and reliability. The combiner boxes reside between the inverters and AC coupling boards. We build AC combiner boxes with different rated currents up to 7,400 Amp. And 690 volts. Outdoor or indoor installation.

DC Junction Boxes

As part of the solar system, DC junction boxes are electrical panels where termination of the input leads from the solar PV modules, and the output lead to the re-combiner box or inverter is carried out.
  • Up to IP65 enclosures, Different sizes according to the number of strings.
  • DC fuses up to 1500 VDC.
  • Gland or MC 4 connectors for string termination to junction box.
  • Optional protection devices (surge protection devices Class I and Class I & II) and monitoring devices (volt, current, temperature, S.A status, switch status …etc.).

PV Plant Monitoring and Control (SCADA) System

Due to PV plants complexity and commercial contracts, system installer is responsible to insure system availability and reliability to achieve contracted yield. Equipment varies from inverters to weather stations, motorized circuit breakers (AC coupling boards), energy KWHMs and grid decoupling relays. Collecting and analyzing data from each equipment at plant almost impossible without monitoring and control system. We hereby introduce our customized SCADA system that allows technical operation manage- ment of PV power plants on site and remotely.

Benefits And features of SCADA System

  • Online visualization of real-time measured values.
  • Customized system pages as per client request.
  • Historical trending of all measured values and for years, simplifies system comparison and analyzing.
  • System faults can be monitored and identified quickly.
  • Complete graphical representation for SLD diagram of site – from the string level to the medium / high voltage connection – simplifies system maintenance and monitoring.
Database of all measured values simplifies fault trace and events of system.
  • Daily, monthly, yearly and even customized report for all of energy yields (inverters, KWHMs), PR, availability and all other measurements important for system analyzing.
  • Complete monitoring and recording of GRID parameters (voltage, frequency, ROCOF, vector shift and positive/negative voltage sequence) and decoupling relay events.
  • Remote monitoring and control of PV plant with user built-in managements and privileges.
  • Alert emails and optional SMS.
  • Accurate availability and performance ratio calculation comparing to traditional control system, considering optional elements that can be connected to the system to determine system decoupling and failure reasons and responsibilities.
  • Optional RTU and variant communication modules/protocols as per electricity Authorities requirements.
  • Optional control system RTU according to IRR-DCC-MV.
PV plant control, including:
  1. Active power control at inverter and plant level.
  2. Reactive power control over fixed power factor ratio or fixed reactive power value.
  3. Remote on-off control at inverter level or breaker on-off control for each sub-system motorized circuit breaker.

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