When desiging any switchgear and control panel we fully aware that careful attention to detail at the initial specification stage of a project will result in the customer obaining the system they required, to an agreed time specification and with the minimum amount of disruption their own system.

We take great pride in ensuring that the panel we produce, irrespective of the project size, is designed not only to meet and fulfill all of the desired function but also the future expansion requisities of the customer. All of the systms we built are designed to meet all the current legislation with a particular emphasis on machine safety.

Based on market-leading modular construction system, including Cubic modular system.

Al Saha manifactures a range of LV panels to your requirements, with the added advantage of quick turnaroud from design to construction. All our low Voltage switchboard manifavtured has been tested and proven, you guarantee of a quality approved low voltage system.

In addition, our documented quality system ensure rigorous control of design, in-progress inspection and testing, component and assembly traceability, and final inspection and product certification.

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